Coilstar Illustrated #2 Finally Out!

Yes, here it is! The second issue of Coilstar Illustrated.

48 pages of possibly my best comics art so far, four stories ranging from 4 to 28 pages, available now from Indyplanet.

Full color, 5.99$

All four stories can be also read under my “Carnivore Carnival” webcomic (although as I’m writing this, the longest one is still serializing).


1. Canned, 4 pages

2. Some Life!, 6 pages

3. The Consequences of Sowing Fire, 28 pages

4. This Prophecy, 10 pages.

What’s going to be next? Possibly a 28 page b/w comic anthology, sort of Coilstar Illustrated #2.5 (I’ll probably come up with another title), once I can get my tablet up and running and can finish the remaining 10 pages (and redraw 4 existing ones). Why a book so skinny? So that I have something to sell for 2.50$.

Also, finally working on character designs and sketches for  Amen City Chronicles, hopefully it’ll start soon.

The third issue of Coilstar Illustrated will happen somewhere in the future. When? Hard to say, whenever I have 48+ pages of color comics again I guess.

News and upcoming…

Yes, I know I’ve been neglecting this place a bit. I’ll try to change that.

News: After selling an amazing amount of (seven) copies, Coilstar illustrated #1 will be followed by Coilstar Illustrated #2. I hope I can sell more of this one since it’s all new material. Eight or nine would do fine.

Four stories, 48 pages, 5.99$, coming soon from Indyplanet.  I’ll post the cover once the thing’s for sale, for now enjoy the preview image above. Oh, and don’t forget to show it to anyone else who might be interested.

Also, I got twitter so if anyone’s interested following my ramblings on drawing/being lazy, here you go.

Coilstar Illustrated #1 is on sale!

Coilstar Illustrated is a collection of nine short comics, ranging in lenght from 1 to 14 pages. There’s exactly 50 pages of comics inside and the stories go as follows:

1. Planet Adam (written and drawn September 2009, based on a short story written years ago).

2. Making History (written and drawn March 2010, based on an unfinished comic layout from around 1999).

3. The Herb (written and drawn 2010, adapted from the unpublished short story “Mowa trawa”.

4. The Town at the End of the World (written and drawn 2004, rewritten and recolored April 2010, based on a short folk tale I heard in the early 90s).

5. Conception and Definition (written and half-drawn 2007, completed December 2009, originally for the unfinished “Moon Jade Angel” webcomic).

6. TAXI! (written and drawn 2004, recolored and edited April 2010).

7. Until Death Do Us Part… (written and drawn 2002, translated and lettered December 2009).

8. The Widower (written and drawn May 2010, original concept 2005).

9. Toilet Story (written and drawn 2000, toned/colored May 2010).

Planet Adam, Conception & Definition and Until Death… are reprinted from Moon Jade Angel in slightly modified versions, mostly edited for spelling/grammar and tiny art fixes.

An all-in-one preview image:

All stories within the book are self-contained (although I’m not excluding a possibility of sequels but none are in the works at this stage nor any scripts/outlines have been written down beyond simple musings of “what if I went further with that” nature).

Some further preview images (six pages total) can be found under the Indyplanet store link. Just click the Images tab.

Also, for those on the fence about risking something untested, all the pages within the book have originally debuted under the Carnivore Carnival webcomic (under the easy to remember url) where you will also find one additional story, This Prophecy, which will be presented in second issue of Coilstar Illustrated.

Furthermore, my previous three books still can be ordered from Indyplanet.

Coilstar Illustrated #1 is 52 color pages and 5.99$

Current State of Affairs…

Coilstar Illustrated #1:

This took a little longer to complete than I had hoped for. But it is finally done, a 52 page comic book with  exactly 50 pages of comics inside, 9 short tales ranging from one to 14 pages. It basically collects all but one of Carnivore Carnival’s tales. It’s been sent off to Ka-blam and even already added to Indyplanet, but the preview images still don’t show (I asked them about it and they promised to fix it in a couple of days so I’ll make the big unveiling of the book then).

To summarize: 52 pages, full color, 5.99$

Coilstar Illustrated #2:

Aiming for 50 pages of comics again. Already got This Prophecy finished so that’s only 40 pages more to go. Sadly with the day job getting in the way I can’ really work as much as I’d like to on color stuff so my original plan (to have this book come out twice a year) might be unfeasible. More likely it’ll be an annual thing and I’ll try to focus more on b&w works. Or on one of the four or so larger color works that I’d like to do at some point. We’ll see.

The second story for that most likely will be Robyn Hood as I finally feel ready to tackle it again. I ran the script against a friend and he gave it an OK (although pointed out it feels like part 1 of something larger so maybe it’ll become its own series instead)  and hope to find the time to draw it soon.

Inkbook #2:

Recently my work has been focusing on this particular book. I have inked 7 new sketches upping the current page count to 16. The material, other than the first nine pages, will be all based on the unused sketches for the “366 project”. This project was meant to be me doing a loose daily pen drawing every day starting on my 30th birthday and ending on my 31st. I managed to get 43 done this way before I have ruined the pattern (by starting the day work again) and decided to simply reuse these doodles for Inkbook.

Moon Jade Angel #2:

Currently sort of on hiatus as I lack any new drawings. It’ll be done when it is done, don’t expect it before 2011 though.

If I were to judge its completion I guess with the text pages included that were dropped from #1 by me I’d have about 15-20 pages at best? Hard to say. The current goal is to clear up the backlog with other projects and either wait for color illustrations to happen as they happen or sit down and whip up a couple just for this thing. And then to fill few more pages with my ramblings on creative process and such.

“nanowrimo novel”:

Stuck in proofreading limbo. My regular proofreader is going through some upheaval related to his living space (private details so I won’t write anything more beyond that) so obviously he has no time to work on this thing. Maybe if I could afford to actually  pay him for all the hard work… ?Still, second nano novel should be in the works this year, hopefully, and another friend agreed to do proofreading on this one so maybe it’ll come out first, haha.

Amen City Chronicles:

Oh my, this thing’s been through so many changes recently that I could pretty much make it its own post. And probably will in a couple of days. The project is still in works, it just grew humongously in its scope.

Carnivore Carnival: look under Coilstar Illustrated #2. The webcomic’s currently on hiatus until I find the time to draw and color Robyn Hood or some other color story.


LoR needs heavy script rewrites to fit the new desired format, FE needs some refocusing and more writing, L&TD is waiting for me to be able to draw/scan at a larger format, SBL is currently being rethought as a single volume “manga-sized” thing rather than 3-4 issue mini. WoN is in a state of constant upheaval and me being torn between whether it should be a 13 issue series/a graphic novel trilogy/a bizarre web series/a novel/a series of short stories/a hybrid of various media. VE is currently slated for a rework from comic script to illustrated novel format. HW is written, waiting for me to find the time to do the designs and layouts for about 180 pages. EF (which is not the same thing as FE, haha) is rethought as a series of novels. RF is on hiatus. MM is slowly growing as a set of ideas and backstories, no actual plot yet…. oh god, I have so many projects, I didn’t even get to list half of them here, hahaha.

To summarize…

Expect Coilstar Illustrated #1 within days to be followed by Inkbook Book Two in a couple of months (hopefully before the end of 2010). Coilstar #2, MJA #2 and a b&w graphic novel to come 2011. Hopefully.

It’s time to start posting again…

It’s been a while since I posted here anything. First, the day job got in the way of pretty much everything and I barely had time to do anything. Then, once I lost it and had plenty of free time, I was recovering from work so I wasted most of it doing nothing… and then I got the job back, lost it again and back again, heh. Yes, it’s a temp work thing and they call you whenever they need someone to work. As a result my buffer on Carnivore Carnival has ran out and I haven’t drawn any new comics since This Prophecy.

But now I am trying to squeeze at least some creative effort into the few hours of the day that I can spare.

So expect more posts in the future.  Hopefully.

Carnivore Carnival 35: The Widower page 1 of 14

Carnivore Carnival updates with the first page of The Widower, a new 14-page story!

Since I am back online, it is time to return to these posts!

Meanwhile, if you have missed the previous tale, The Herb, here’s the first page of it. Enjoy!

The Returned…

Got internet back! Meanwhile the day job is breaking my back (actually, mostly my legs, but yesterday my arms got it pretty hard too) so it’ll take a while before I am settled back into some sort of a creative pattern.

Carnivore Carnival is buffered until the end of August, so there’s time.

Stuck without net…

Well, as you may have guessed, I have lost internet access. MY pc is still hovering on the brink of destruction, but so far I can work on it.

If anyone can help pay me my late fees (my day job doesn’t start UNTIL they’re due and by that time I’ll be slapped with a 300$ fine on top of the late 50$), here’s my paypal: saturn 1 [at]

Also, my webcomic Carnivore Carnival (link on the left side of this page) got featured on Drunkduck! Yay me!

I’m busy cranking out pages (soon to have 26 new pages to upload) .

Current project upheaval…

Inkbook #2:

No progress since the last update, still stuck on nine pieces. I’ll try to squeeze in some once I’m further ahead with comics work.

Moon Jade Angel #2:

This one’s being set back a bit. Why? Because I have decided to separate the comics content basing it on a simple equation. People who want my comics in print will probably be unwilling to pay 6$ for a book that has 10-20 pages of comics, whereas people who buy these for the art pages alone won’t really care if the comics are gone. So the current amount of finished art is probably below 10 pages.

Coilstar Illustrated #1:

So far it’s a working title but it’ll probably stick. 52 pages of comics and nothing but comics, full color and priced 5.99$. Got at this point 34 pages ready and two more half-ready (a short comic that needs some edits). It’ll also reprint the 14 pages of comics from MJA #1 (which is part of those 24 pages) and contain every short color comic that I did up until this day. Well, every existing one that is. I can’t reprint work from my childhood or the 90s for a simple reason, those pages don’t exist anymore. Hoping to have this one finished for June.

Robyn Hood:

No change since the last update, except I’m pretty certain it’ll end up in Coilstar Illustrated #2 (if it’s finished in time for that).

“nanowrimo novel”:

Still in proofreading. Maybe I can have it out by the time next nano happens? Hopefully.

Amen City Chronicles:

Not really moving forward as I’m trying to build a large buffer for Carnivore Carnival first.

Carnivore Carnival:

Currently have a buffer of 12 pages (pages 3-14 of The Herb) and I’m trying to find the next story to work on.

Script Frenzy:

It appears this project is off, sadly. Unfortunately it’s too late to start this or the planned “Thumbnail Crazy” variant for I was way too busy working on The Herb.

other projects:

I’ve been toying with the idea of an improvised b&w heroic fantasy/action comic, but I have no idea whether I’ll start working on it soon or not. Also, other projects are bumping around my brain, making it difficult to focus on a single thing. We’ll see what comes out of this.

Carnivore Carnival 22: The Herb page 2 of 14

Carnivore Carnival has updated today morning with the second page of The Herb.

Also, the entire comic is entirely drawn, colored and pre-uploaded, so the updates up to May 27th are no guaranteed.

(unless of course Drunkduck goes under or something).